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Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm EST
. >> and the most romantic hotel in the world, the anastasi apartments in greece. >> in a that looks u.s. >> and in the u.s., the bardesbond in, the rooms start at 600 and go up to $1,200. >> they bottle that, it's called wine. thanks so much. happy valentine's day, everybody. no matter what you do, enjoy it. thanks for watching "street signs." >>> hi, everybody. we enter the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at new york stock exchange. this market fighting for a close in positive territory, brill. >> the dow is fighting. got the s&p and nasdaq positive, but we're kicking off the final hour watching other stories as well right now, including a huge day for mergers. warren buffett buys heinz. american/usairways form the biggest airline in the world, but so far the stock market seems unimpressed. what message is that saying about where our economy is right now? we'll look at that coming up. >> a lot of implications to see this deal flow pick up steam early in the year. more signs though that the individual investor is dipping his or her toes back into the st
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm EST
for joining us on "street signs." hope to see you same time tomorrow. "closing bell" is next. >>> hi, everybody. we enter the final stretch. once again welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. history could be in the making in this final hour of trading. >> you think? >> no. >> i don't either. >> but we may be the wall of worry. >> it could be. >> i'm bill griffith. the dow knocking on the door of a new all-time high. was a lot higher earlier. we have to write this down now, 10, -- no, that's not right. 14,164 and change in order to be at an all-time high. we all know how stocks move in this final hour. it's the most important hour of the trading day so do not move an inch from your television screen. >> and the reason that i think that we won't do it, both think we won't do it today, is because there was selling going into the final hour, and there was sell imbalances but we'll see about that. up 35. special coverage planned for the next two hours, including an exclusive interview coming up with frederick oudea. he'll talk with us about the
Feb 21, 2013 3:00pm EST
, and it's kind of interesting. this is a gauge of consumer spending. u.s. sales weakness persisted into early february. remember, we had that e-mail leak. kind of expecting this. walmart is up today. >> today's thing that makes you go hmm. not really sure what atlantic university is thinking. renaming the football stadium to geo group stadium. okay. except geo group is a priflt prison corporation based in south florida. the company will donate 6 million to fau over the next six years, the ceo is an alum and a member of the board of trustees, a good gesture, i get it. the optics, you have to admit, not adele even looking through. attention all red sox fans. curt schilling's bloody sock is up for sale. here's brian schactman. >> reporter: i touched it yesterday. as a sox fan i touched the sock. >> did you wash your hands is this. >> do it like southie does. >> you criticize mine. >> sock. >> reporter: even though it's kind of odd, a long song with dried blood back. those not in the know, want me to keep going like this, sul? 2004. curt schilling pitched a six-inning world series gem
Feb 12, 2013 3:00pm EST
described, i would say that activists are certainly useful. you can't necessarily take anything at face value because activists are -- have their own agenda, and some of them tend to be more short term. if you're running a company, you don't have the nimbleness and flex ann. you can't change your strategy every day. an activist can get into or out of a shareholding any day. and so you have -- you have different time horizons, maybe different agendas, and a company has to represent all its shareholders, ant not just a portion of its shareholders and think for the long term. but having said that, it's a good part of the cocktail of elements that a ceo should have giving inflooins fluns, and they should be listened to. they shouldn't be taken as gospel. their remarks should be discounted by what you know their interests are, but it should be foolish to take good advice from wherever you want to get it. >> barclays is making news today in cutting more head count. you guys done, happy with where we are as we sit here today? >> we're happy where we are. we're always sculpting our business. in
Feb 27, 2013 3:00pm EST
you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ >>> brian, this will make you go hmm. more than 100 years after the sinking of the titanic a billionaire tycoon is planning to build "titanic 2." this will be an exact replica of the doomed ocean liner. 40,000 people have already registered for the tickets. what do you think, brian? would you do it? >> i'd do it. why not? >> why not. >> okay. let's take a look at markets real quick. 100 points away from an all-time close. thanks for watching "street signs." >> see you tomorrow. >> hi, everybody. what a week. welcome "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. this market off to the races yet again. up almost 200 points right now. >> great to have you back. i'm scott wapner. bill griffith back tomorrow. on today's "closing bell" the march to new all-time highs shifting into high gear. more good news on housing and more signs that fed chairman ben
Feb 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
ph ceo carly fiorina here with us as well. >> and a scary story. the federal reserve was hacked. >> what? are you? heard that correctly, maria. the united states federal reserve, the one that ben bernanke heads up, was infiltrated by hackers, and if that can happen to them, is any website safe, we s. we're on top of that developing story at this hour. >> this is a scary story. let's check the market. the dow jones industrial average was positive for a few minutes there. unfortunately, it came right back and went negative again. the dow tune 10.66 points, 13,969 on the industrial average and nasdaq composite weaker and the s&p 500 under pressure by the tune of one point. i have to call this a victory seeing that we've seen such a huge run-up, nothing to write home about these losses. >> at this point, that would be the case. >> less talk about this in today's "closing bell" exchange. jim bianco, our guest from alliance bernstein and steven wood joins us at the new york stock exchange and our own rick santelli joins us from chicago. steven wood, what do you make of the volatility
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
in the market for a while. people know about it, and the reality is that in the u.s. specifically we see economic activity improving in the future and improving more than expectations and a big driver of that is the housing market. housing drives consumption and housing prices are going from linear to parabolic which gives the consumer more power to purchase. >> rick santelli, jump in here for a minute because we're trying to figure out if in fact we are seeing this trade out of fixed income, into stocks, not necessarily happening today, but do you have any read in terms of if this is an actual trend happening? >> well, i think when i look at treasuries, i see we're only up 19 basis points on the year in 10s. i don't think it's an issue. i don't see this impending huge selloff in treasuries. listen to the dovishness in europe with regard to a variety of issues, not the least of which is they are worried about a high euro and growth in some of the southern countries. >> yeah. what did you -- >> i do see it playing out in high yield and corporates. quickly if you look at barclays, one-mont
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
. >>> all right. in case you missed, bill gunderson, give us a number that meets all three of your criteria. that's a name he threw out. ocwen financial, never heard of them. they meet his momentum and valuation criteria, so if you missed it, there it is, don't say we don't deliver. >> sounds welsh. >> anyway, breakfast lovers rejoice because today is national pancake day. ihop restaurants around the country are offering customers free buttermilk pancakes and are asking customers to consider donating to charity in exchange for the short stacks. dineequity, the parent company of ihop, having a nice run over the last year, up 42%. imagine how many pancakes are fueling that raly. >> yes. everybody leave a little bit of money there. i think that's a good cause. >> yeah. >> the market is powering higher. the dow jones industrial average continues to move up, maybe 14,000 coming again soon, and by the way, need to note, something bill gunderson said has a lot in common with mandy. both apple under him and apparently your college transcript show the rare f-plus. >> shhhh. just between us. thanks f
Feb 25, 2013 3:00pm EST
things. we've got jason needles, dan greenhouse back with us, peter jakini, and rick santelli there in chicago. pet peter, you say this is an important day technically. why? >> yes, i do. the strength in the morning has been met by the reversal. if we have an outside day into what i perceive as an important resistant level, that could be a bearish setup here. >> an outside day. we went higher than we did on friday. and if question close lower than we did on friday, you say that could be a signal that maybe the market's starting to go. >> dan greenhouse weigh in on this. >> we saw volatility off the low as well. >> exactly. >> you want to tap into that if you would dan and see whether or not volatility is factoring into your market forecast or not. [ no audio ] >> there we go. >> start over, dan. we didn't hear you. >> we didn't hear the first part. >> was it yes or no? >> the answers i'm staying away from that peter laid out. what i would say is something we've been watching short-term is something bob pisani has been talked about how far nomly the s&p is from its average. whe
Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
-engage the retail investor. >> don't mistake this for growth. the u.s. economy is in a lot of trouble and the rising stock market doesn't reflect improving fundamentals, reflects inflation and a debased currenty. >> never been on the end of the world because it only happens once. you hear that repeatedly. >> why do you keep saying the end of the world? >> who is talking the end of the world? >> rick santelli, can you get in here? i mean, peter schiff and you -- >> i think everybody is a little bit right. everybody is a little bit right. all the major central banks and the old developed economies, even some of the just recently developed economies, well, they have central banks that have put a boundary around rational investors. as much many like gold, they want diversionification, where are you going to go? the treasuries are safe if you're really rich, looking to accumulate wealth and peter is right, but it's still a mug's game no matter how you slice it. i agree with the guest who said the economy is sideways on fundamentals so all roads lead to stocks so whether you can come up a quantitative arg
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)